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    April 5 2012 14:37




    Alright, you dudes and gals! I am retiring These Are Magnets. These Are Magnets accomplished everything that it should have, and it’s time to turn it off. I will continue writing music under my Christian name, Josh LaFayette. You can keep up with that at To celebrate (?), everything in These Are Magnets’ shop is hella cheap and shipping is $4 flat in the U.S. Get on it:


    Every order will come with a few free mustache stickers.


    I don’t want to be dramatic because this situation is not even close to dramatic. Big thanks to y’all that have already bought this stuff and come to shows and everything. I still write music. I just use my own name. Goodnight.

  2. Today is the Day!

    August 9 2011 08:37

    The free EP + Digital Booklet are now available from my Bandcamp Page. Go get it! 

  3. EP Comes Out Tomorrow!

    August 8 2011 09:10

    Dudez! EP will be out tomorrow. And it will be free to download from my bandcamp page.
    Here’s me and Tiny Baby doing a dance to tide you over until tomorrow:



    Photos by Douglas Anderson


  4. EP Artwork and Tracklist

    August 4 2011 09:40

    Hey, lil ponies. The new EP, titled “Tiny Baby,” will be out next Tuesday (FO FREE). Here’s the tracklist and cover artwork:

    1. The Welcome Home Theme

    2. Let’s Take a Walk Down College Street (2011)

    3. Attitude (Misfits Cover)

    4. A Voice of Truth

    5. Some Things Only Disappear

  5. EP Update For All Y’all

    August 1 2011 09:19

    Hey. Sup. So I’ve been working on this EP on and off for about 3 years now. I just finished all of the recording yesterday. It will all be released (digitally [for free]) by the end of August. Tell everybody you know. Here’s a shot of the mic set up at the organ.

  6. New Mixtape, Bitches!

    April 5 2011 14:13


    I was recently asked to do some music for Red Square. It’s instrumental for the background of their case studies.

    I had a lot of fun making it and I’m glad to get to share it with you guys FO FREE.

    Head over to my bandcamp page to download or stream FO FREE.

  7. NEW VIDEO! Studio Update I

    July 5 2010 10:49

    I had a nice session in the studio on Friday and we filmed some of it. I’ve made a lot of progress on the EP, so I hoping to release it by the end of the summer. Everybody knows that when a band says, “We’re releasing our album on [X]!” then that really means three months after [X], but I don’t have a label to deal with—so we’ll see.
  8. Photo from the Studio

    July 5 2010 02:19

    Doug took this while we were recording on friday.

  9. Hello and Welcome.

    June 21 2010 11:21

    Thanks for stopping by!

    This page will be updated with info about, but not limited to:

    future shows, studio updates, live photos, underwear purchases, and guacamole binges.

    So go ahead and subscribe to the RSS at the top right—

    Woot woot!

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